Qal'at Apart Hotel

The best way to stay in the center of Caltanissetta

  • We are pleased to introduce you to our new structure, in which you can manage your stay completely independently. The new Concept designed by our Architects offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the comforts and services of a modern Apart Hotel, with the added advantage of independently organizing entry and exit times. In our structure located on the first floor, you will be welcomed by a modern style environment with warm tones specially designed to offer you the best stay.

The accommodation, the welcome, the friendliness, the comfort: everything was perfect! It was a wonderful experience! The rooms are very large, warm and welcoming, the cleaning is excellent. Andrea, the owner, has an astonishing sense of beauty and perfection. His dedication to the structure is tangible in every corner, he breathes art, style and character. An experience to be repeated. There is nothing more successful than in the beloved work!

Covid 19

Each room and all environments are completely sanitized after each use, with Ozone technology. The treatment is able to disinfect and sterilize environments from all types of pathogens, viruses and bacteria up to 99.8%, without leaving residues. This Natural Gas, recognized by the Ministry of Health as a powerful sterilizing device, is the most effective solution for the disinfection of environments contaminated by the new Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus.